3 Aims


The smartphone revolution taking place in india will present an unparalleled opportunity for enhancing labour force productivity. Time management, team coordination, price comparison, low cost communications and resource optimization software in the form of apps are now widely available and market tested.
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India is a country of entrepreneurs - making possible the leverage of such an initiative way more potent than in other developed economies (like Europe and Singapore) where smaller overall working populations reduce reliance on the MSME sector as employment generators Historically, It is widely observed that key issues that first time entrepreneurs with low education levels face are
A. Process, finance and control skills
B. Lack of credit at a price commensurate to business risk
C. Lack of mentor ship


Self-employment and entrepreneurship have always been the default option for those with little or no qualifications in India and Maverx Netpreneur Foundation (MNF) - a newly incorporated Section 8 company in India, aims to address this vast opportunity. By providing a technology enabled, self-employment platform for distribution of financial and other high involvement products, the twin goals of income generation and financial inclusion can be addressed.
Founded by a team of 15 cross-industry professionals across Singapore, Mumbai and Delhi, the intent is for MNF to become a social enterprise that can not only impact hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth, but also become an effective channel to millions of consumers that would otherwise be unable to benefit from the imminent e-commerce and knowledge economy effects that are here to stay.

Designed for the Homemaker to monetise her available time and contribute to the family finances.

Designed for those who are employed and looking for a supplemental income.

Designed for the unemployed youth to enhance income and scaffold education and skilling.