Self-employment and entrepreneurship have always been the default option for those with little or no qualifications in India and Maverx Netpreneur Foundation (MNF) - a newly incorporated Section 8 company in India, aims to address this vast opportunity. By providing a technology enabled, self-employment platform for distribution of financial and other high involvement products, the twin goals of income generation and financial inclusion can be addressed.

Founded by a team of 15 cross-industry professionals across Singapore, Mumbai and Delhi, the intent is for MNF to become a social enterprise that can not only impact hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth, but also become an effective channel to millions of consumers that would otherwise be unable to benefit from the imminent e-commerce and knowledge economy effects that are here to stay.

India continues to struggle with adequately employing almost 1million new entrants to the workforce each month. Financial and digital literacy are both essential survival skills of the knowledge economy, and the next 3-5 years will prove to be historic in terms of penetration of mobile technology amongst the masses. MNF integrates product training, CRM, transaction fulfilment, commission tracking and customer profiling into a single, mobile-first platform that aims to provide additional incomes of approximately INR 10,000 -20,000 per month to users.  Without imposing upon them any “dead” time acquiring educational degrees or relocation to metro cities, while enabling them to work to flexible schedules and lifestyles.  

how we work