India is a country of entrepreneurs - making possible the leverage of such an initiative way more potent than in other developed economies (like Europe and Singapore) where smaller overall working populations reduce reliance on the MSME sector as employment generators 

Historically, It is widely observed that key issues that first time entrepreneurs with low education levels face are
A. Process, finance and control skills
B. Lack of credit at a price commensurate to business risk
C. Lack of mentor ship
Business "Communities" in india are known for being able to fill in the above gaps well as we all know.

With modern education techniques and mobile based technology, all of the above can be adequately provided at scale. An added filter of relevant psychometric tests to ensure personality fit to entrepreneurship and avoid mis allocation of this resource.

what we do
what we do

Youth. Entrepreneurship. Financial Inclusion. New Economy

Maverx Netpreneur Foundation, a social enterprise aimed to positively impact the lives of thousands of youth and unemployed in India with the use of technology and innovation. The objective of this enterprise is to create the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs (Netpreneurs) to enable them to earn additional income and enrich their lives, professionally and socially.