Mobile enabled entrepreneurship system

The smartphone revolution taking place in india will present an unparalleled opportunity for enhancing labour force productivity. Time management, team coordination, price comparison, low cost communications and resource optimization software in the form of apps are now widely available and market tested.

It is a natural next step to support the skilling of microentrepreneurs in india over the mobile for the following reasons.

A. Low levels of education "forcing" youth to entrepreneurship in one way or another - especially since their ambitions now are higher than the mechanical jobs that industry tends to offer them.
B. Limitations on large corporations serving as permanent employers due to globalization impacts and consequent need for cost efficiency.
C. The absence of basic business, financeĀ and life skills in existing educational curriculum - which can now be automated on the mobile device.

Moreover, education is usually an expensive activity for someone whose time is directly linked to his or her income. Self paced learning is proving to be more popular than traditional classroom and scheduled instruction world over.

Maverx Netpreneur Foundation brings all this together for the Indian youth through

Designed for the Homemaker to monetise her available time and contribute to the family finances.

Designed for those who are employed and looking for a supplemental income.

Designed for the unemployed youth to enhance income and scaffold education and skilling